Condensed Wellness Journey Class - November 2015

Leilani P.
about 2 months agoFebruary 14, 2020
This is amazing. I took notes like crazy as you sped up on the sugar physiology so fast. I'd like a written script to share on Facebook. This is so technical a one listen isn't enough.  It needs to be in text with pictures next to the text for teaching the concepts. The pictures are fantastic.  I'd like to see this on you-tube.  This clarified what is happening in our mistaken medical model with cells that have died and auto immune as well as sugar receptors that are the brains of the cells.  Addictions are explained as morphine receptors from hybrid multigrain spiking blood sugar.  Synthetic vs. natural vitamins what a great revelation. In chemistry all chemicals have a right and left orientation.  Upon cooking-coal tar is oozing out of synthetics. I've been duped with toxic synthetic vitamins.
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